The Status Quo Poll
This page is an all time Status Quo hit list according to the fans' votes. I have included all votes I have received during the last two years. All votes older than two years drop out of this poll.
The album poll is new and results are presented here for the first time.

Please send me your personal hit-list to participate!

Thanks to all who already sent their personal list. If you wish to update your vote or if your last vote is older than two years - just send me a new mail!

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The Songs Poll Top 10

  1    4500 Times
  2    Caroline
  3    Roll Over Lay Down

  4     Big Fat Mama
  5     Mystery Song
  6     Down Down
  7     Paper Plane
  8     Don't Waste My Time
  9     Whatever You Want
10     Rain

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The Album Poll Top 10
  1     Hello (1973)
  2     Quo (1974)
  3     Piledriver (1972)
  4     Heavy Traffic (2002)
  5     Status Quo Live! (1977)

  6     On The Level (1975)
  7     Blue For You (1976)
  8     Whatever You Want (1979)
  9     Dog Of Two Head (1971)
10     Rock 'til You Drop (1990)

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